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Resume Tips

Not sure your resumé does the job? Look over these suggestions. If you are still not sure, you
can turn to a resumé writer. We recommend GetInterviews. They provide a great free resumé
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  1. The resumé gets the interview, not the job
    Avoid listing everything you have ever done. More is not necessarily better. The key? Relevance over transparency.

  2. Write your resumé with a sense of upward mobility
    Your resumé is the store of your career's evolution and progression. Define the constancy in the jobs you've taken and the results you generated, and most importantly, maintain this message throughout the resumé.

  3. Stick with power sentences and bullets
    Avoid fluff and don't make the reader work too hard to find the value statements. Short sentences and bullets take control of the resumé make the initial visual scan easy for the reader.

  4. Quantify, quantify, quantify
    A resumé without numbers is like a baseball player without a batting average. Don't just say you did it--show you did it.

  5. Visual formatting--lead the reader's eyes along your resumé
    Use indentations to isolate valuable subpoints. Use bolding within the body of the resumé to highlight words or numbers of value.

  6. Write the resumé they need to see, not the resumé you want to write
    Every position is created to solve a problem. The resumé that addresses the problem at hand will make an impact.